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 Referral deal Rules 125-1

Referral deal Rules

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 Referral deal Rules Empty Referral deal Rules

Post by Admin Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:47 pm

:: - Create new posts for your own offers - do NOT spam other people's.
:: - You can post one or more referral links into one single thread.
:: - Post YOUR OFFER to OTHER USERS, Do Not Request that other users bid on your information or bid on your deal for them.
:: - Posting referral links only without incentives is forbidden, after all this is a "Referral Deals" board.
:: - The Referral Deals board is not to be used like a general chat board. Try keeping conversations on-topic.
:: - Please use Referral Exchange board to trade your referral links.
:: - It will be up to the staff if unnecessary bumping is being abused which can result in a 3 days suspension.
:: - It is not our job to make sure trades or deals are enforced, it is up to you to make sure who you are dealing with is legit.
:: - HYIPs or investment offers are no longer allowed.

:: It is not STAFF'S responsibility to ensure that the offers, whatever the type of deal they are, that you joined are valid. It is your responsibility to check on whether the person that you will be joining or have joined under is trustworthy, and the deal is legit. Also, we are only here to assist you, and not here to enforce all the deals out there.

Ref Deals -- These are the deals which involve money changing hands for either easy sign ups , ref back % in money or just the basic I pay you "X" number of sense to sign up .. These are a little more serious and complex ... There will still be a thread for those complaints as we here do not want anyone NOT getting paid for what they are promised ... This section will remain and will be monitored .... Again I urge all to re-read the feedback system in the General Rules ....

Good luck to all and exchange responsible ..
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