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Board Rules

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:56 pm

General Forum Rules
- No Profanity (Insults, Cursing, etc..).
- Respect other Members And Staff.
- This is a PUBLIC FORUM and we are not in the business of reviewing and "censoring" peoples posts unless they include " SWEARING OR ILLEGAL CONTENT"
- No Spamming, no posting only smileys, lol etc...
- ** While we try to NOT in courage the double posting rule for all boards, were it is deemed necessary, please use the Modify button when all possible, again this will at the discretion of the the Staff when it is being abused ****
- DO NOT ASK IN OPEN FORUM TO EXCHANGE MONEY -- pm people you know -- please do not pm our staff, unless you have made an exchange in the past
- Do not SPAM members asking for an exchange./or ask members or bribe them to give + feedbacks
- Do not SPAM members asking them to look at your referral deals topic(s).
- Do not request staff to UN BAN MEMBERS
- Do not create multiple accounts - PERIOD having multi accounts here will get you banned -
- We do not tolerate those who wish to continue to make multi accounts with the intention to flame, neg rep, spam, cause disruption, deceive and/or cheat people.
-Permanently banned members may not continue to be on the forum or re-register again.
- Read each board's rules & follow them.
Referral links are allowed ONLY In The Referral Exchange Board, Down line Builder,Advertise Here, Referral Deals Board And In Your Signature.
- Do not post adult or illegal material.
- You are not allowed to sell your signature.
- Account selling is forbidden. ****
- E-mail accounts selling is not allowed to be sold here ***

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