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$$$ New PTC Pays In DOLLARS $$$

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$$$ New PTC Pays In DOLLARS $$$

Post by radon on Mon May 26, 2014 7:56 pm

*The New Way Of Earning Money*" alt="" />

1. Go to "view activation ad" on the welcome page. Every time you view 'activation ad', you receive 100 bonus points.  So, if you view 20 of them, you will receive 2000 points(*1 DAY 500 POINTS=$0.25 MAIN BALANCE).

2. You will then receive $1 worth of ads to click as soon as possible(2000 pts =$1 worth of ads to click).

3. Now you have $1.  Go and set up an 'ad campaign' with that $1.

4. After setting up the ad,  you will receive 3100 bonus points...which means $1.55 worth of ads will be coming your way soon.  Repeat this process, and you will grow your money very quickly $$$$$

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